Romantic Words For Men by Alexandra Fox
This eBook will show you the most effective ways to communicate with men. You will learn how to instantly create emotional connection and build attraction.
Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 188 pages
: 2014 (2nd Edition)
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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"You're About to Learn the Magic Words that Make a Man Instantly Feel a Deep Emotional Connection and See You as The One ..."
You're about to learn the all-powerful magic words 96% of women never learn in their lifetime to attract Mr. Right and make him fall madly in love with you.
Dear Friend,

The most successful women in the dating game all know one secret: It doesn't take looks, money, or sex to make a man fall in love with you. All it takes are certain “magic words” that instantly make a man feel a deep, emotional connection with you.

And now, you can use the exact same “magic words” these women use, and attract the right kinds of men into your life -- the ones who are strong, mature, and emotionally-capable of building a relationship that can stand the test of time...

Ever wondered why it's so hard to communicate with a man?

Sometimes, the things we say turn him off. Other times, they get the absolute wrong idea about what we're saying.

It's so easy to say the wrong words to men, and it's so easy to ruin a relationship with a few careless statements.

If you don't know how to talk to men, don't worry -- you're not alone!

Thousands -- maybe even millions -- of women all over the world are being friend-zoned, ignored, or simply rejected by the men they're in love with because of miscommunication.

Why does communication have to be so hard?

On the other hand, we see a small number of women who seem to have no trouble with men whatsoever. Wherever they go, they seem to get all the attention from men. It's so unfair!

I'm sure you have a girlfriend who walks into a party like it was the easiest thing for her to do. Within two minutes, some of the hottest men in the party are already checking her out, approaching her, and breaking the ice with her.

For this woman, finding a man who's in love with her isn't the problem -- it's CHOOSING the best one from the bunch that's difficult.


It happened to me, too. I used to feel so bad that the quality men I wanted didn't want me.

I even felt upset that men only seemed to care about looks.

But things have changed. Fast forward, and what have I learned?

It's not my looks that counted.

It's not my money, either.

And while my personality was a good thing, it wasn't the thing that made men fall in love with me.

What was my secret?

The answer is simple -- WORDS!

I simply learned that the women who were most successful with men weren't only attractive, successful, and independent -- they also knew a secret that most other women didn't.

The Secret to Communicate with a Man's Heart
I learned this secret many years ago, and it has benefited my dating life beyond my wildest dreams. And now, I want to share my secrets with you.

I've already shared some of these "communication" secrets to members of my Unforgettable Woman community, and the results have been fantastic:

- “Lisa,” after a simple change in her speech -- NOT her looks -- now has an entire “fan club” of men in her town! From that “fan club,” she's chosen an attractive, entrepreneurial man as her boyfriend, and they've been in a committed relationship of 4 years as of this writing.

- “LB,” a reader from Indonesia, once attracted all the wrong kinds of men into her life. But once she “fixed” a few problems in the way she talked, she began to attract successful, commitment-ready men into her dating circle. Last I heard, she still didn't have a boyfriend -- because, she said, she was “having too much fun dating,” and was going to keep dating until she found the perfect man for her. Amazing!

- “JF,” a reader from Nova Scotia, was once stuck with a bad boyfriend. He was inattentive, abusive, and philandering. But after she started reading my e-books and newsletters, she realized that she had certain bad habits, too -- particularly in the way she nagged, pleaded, and argued with her boyfriend. So she got up, said goodbye to her abusive boyfriend, and started a new dating life -- this time attracting better, more attentive men into her life.

How did Lisa, LB, and JF make such dramatic changes in their love lives? They didn't make any changes to their looks, personalities, or careers -- just a few changes in their words.

And these weren't huge, overwhelming changes, either. These were tiny changes, subtle adjustments, and a few magic words.

But these tiny changes were powerful enough to give their love lives a 180-degree turn!

Lisa, LB, and JF all learned the same lesson I learned many years ago -- that words are powerful, especially in love.

When used carefully, the words you say can make your love life happy, peaceful, and satisfying.

And that, my friends, is why I came out with my newest e-book collection, Romantic Words For Men.

This new e-book series will help you find the flaws in the words you choose, and teach you the RIGHT way to communicate with a man.

Wouldn't it be great if everything you say

...instantly makes you more attractive?

...instantly makes men like you more?

...instantly makes them feel an unexplainable, uncontrollable attraction towards you?

...instantly strengthens your relationship?

...instantly solidifies the emotional bond you share with the man you love?

That's what my "Romantic Words For Men" eBook will do for you!
The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the “Romantic Words for Men” EBook
Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful book that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:
  • A quiet, age-old, little-used philosophy that will instantly make a man like you more and relate to you better (Pages 19)
  • The words that make a man -- ANY man -- fall in love with you (Chapter 7)
  • Flirting -- the art of walking the line between being too boring and being too forward (Chapter 4)
  • Why some words make men feel good when they're with you, while other words seem to make them want to get away from you (Secret 8)
  • How to make your words AUTOMATICALLY make men feel good around you (Secret 11)
  • Instantly bond with a man on the first date by “sensing” his expectations -- and meeting them in a way that puts YOU in control of the date (Secret 17)
  • The one personality trait that can single-handedly make ANY relationship work, no matter how unlikely (Secret 74)
  • How even a shy, introverted woman can flirt with a guy easily, quickly, and safely (Chapter 4)
  • The age-old secrets and techniques of body language -- and how you can create your own subtle, personal way of flirting without words (Secret 26)
  • How to use the right words to build your relationship's emotional foundation -- the first step to a relationship that stands the test of time (Chapter 6)
  • Why you may be using double-meaning words without knowing it -- and how they might be causing all that grief in your dating life (Secret 29)
  • Words to make the bonding power of sex even more powerful -- so powerful that he'll cuddle instead of rolling over and snoring after sex (Secret 56)
  • How to score more dates with a guy you like -- without the indignity of asking him out yourself (Secret 35 )
  • The reason why men keep their emotions bottled up inside -- and why you should never, ever criticize him for it (Secret 2)
  • How to use a man's natural lousiness with hints to your advantage -- as impossible as that might sound (Pages 74)
  • The words that you should NEVER, under any circumstance, say in an argument (Secret 62)
  • The shocking truth -- why making a man feel “happy” in a relationship may not be enough, and how you can avoid getting caught in this “happiness trap” (Secret 44)
  • When to wait for him to make the “first move” -- and when to make the first move yourself (Secret 47)
  • Simple ways to make him feel sexually attracted towards you -- at any time of the day, even when you're not together (Page 91)
  • The powerful words that make every sexual encounter with him better than the last (Secret 53)
  • When things get nasty: The right words to use in a fight (Chapter 9)
  • Why words have power, and which words create and destroy relationships (Chapter 2)
  • A secret way to defuse an argument, make him lower his guard, and work to fix the problem before a fight gets worse (Secret 59)
  • The right words to say as the years go by, making sure that your relationship will last a lifetime (Chapter 11)
  • Turn ANY situation, no matter how bad, into something you and your man would love to talk about in the future (Secret 14)
  • How the words you say can be interpreted in two ways -- and how to make sure all your double-meaning words help your relationship, not destroy it (Chapter 5)
  • How to make him do what you want, clearly and convincingly, without resorting to hinting or complaining (Secret 65)
  • The four-word statement that has single-handedly ruined millions of relationships worldwide -- and how it can destroy your own relationship if you're not careful (Page 125)
  • The secret that all happy couples know and use to make their relationships stand the test of time... and what most young couples today don't know (Secret 71)
  • The right way of using double-meaning words in a date -- and how they can pave the way to an enjoyable relationship with him (Secret 32)
  • How to make your relationship last forever, with the right thoughtful words said every single day (Page 141)
  • How men process their emotions through words, and what you can do to help (Chapter 1)
  • How to say the right words when it matters the most -- when you're meeting for the very first time (Chapter 3)
  • A simple, under-used method of using words to make him do his job as the “man in the relationship” better and more consistently (Secret 38)
  • 3 simple, powerful ways to carry an interesting, enjoyable conversation with a man, whether it's the 1st or 500th time you're going out with each other (Secret 20)
  • Sexy time! The right words to say in bed (Chapter 8)
  • How to get whatever you want from a man -- without nagging him to death in the process (Chapter 10)
  • Words that Destroy Relationships (Bonus Report 1)
  • How to Communicate with Men (Bonus Report 3)
  • Communicate with His Heart (Bonus Report 2)
  • And much, much more!
How Much is the Man of Your Dreams Worth to You?
What's the value of having the power to make men chase you, adore you, and feel powerless to resist you?

What's the value of saving YEARS of dating the wrong men and staying in the wrong relationships?

What's the value of avoiding heartbreaks and starting to enjoy the happiness that love is supposed to deliver?

What's the value of having the power to direct where you want the relationship to go and influence how your man feels about you?

How much is it worth to achieve success in one of the most important relationships in your life?

Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars?

My Individual Consultation costs $500 only for one hour. And it usually takes at least five sessions for my clients to process the material. That's $2500 right there!

What if I tell you that you can get all the benefits and all the knowledge that my private clients get for not even half the price, not even a tenth of the price, or a twentieth of the price. The cost of attracting and keep the man of your dreams is only $59.97 $39 ($20 Discount Applied).
If You're a Decisive, Action Taker, You'll Also Receive 3 AMAZING Bonuses!

In this eBook you will learn male psychology on a deep level. These secrets will transform you from an average girl into an unforgettable woman who every man sees as a "catch."

I'm so confident that my methods will work that I'll give you 30 days to put my system to the test. After reading every page, studying all the principles, strategies, tips, and putting them to the test, if you haven't realized how powerful my system is, or how life-changing it is, or you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund every penny of your entire purchase. The only requirement is that you give it a try and see first hand how amazing it really is.
The Book that Will End it All
The majority of dating books on the shelf are either outdated or give you facts without teaching you how to apply them. What's the use of reading how men differ from us without learning how to use male psychology to your greatest advantage? The things I teach are simple, practical tools that any woman can use to IMMEDIATELY achieve MASSIVE success.

Once you've learned these secrets, men will do anything to please you and make you happy. Your wishes will be their commands! They won't be able to resist you, say NO to you, or ever look at another woman again. They'll want to spend every minute with you because they simply can't leave! You'll become a man magnet!

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"Yes, Alexandra, I'm so ready to get my hands on these secrets to transform my love life and make any man adore me, chase me, love me, and commit to me!
Romantic Words for Men EBook: This eBook will show you the most effective ways to communicate with men. You will learn how to instantly create emotional connection and build attraction.
Bonus Report 1: Words that Destroy Relationships. After reading this bonus eBook, you'll know how to avoid the most damaging words a woman can ever say to ruin a relationship.
Bonus Report 2: Communicate with His Heart. You’ll learn how to establish an emotional bond and make him feel you're THE ONE.
Bonus Report 3: How Men Communicate. You'll learn how men express themselves and how to interpret them accurately.
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"Best Investment I've Ever Made"
"Your Ebook is truly empowering! It was the best investment I've ever made. It showed me a new way to look at the world and dating. After taking it, I have started to realize my increased confidence and ease with men. And the best part is that I've attracted the attention of a man that I would have never dreamed of dating before. Thank you so much!"
- Susan from Boston
"Absolutely Loved Your Book"
"I absolutely loved your book! I especially enjoyed the chapter on "Understanding Male Instincts." It showed me how to truly understand men. I have recommended your book to my girlfriends. I think they will definitely benefit from it just like I did."
- Lisa, Orlando, FL
"Opened My Eyes to the Truth"
"I am a single mother of two. The father of my children left us a few years ago. After that, I had very little luck finding a good man. After reading the chapter on the types of men who are not boyfriend material, I realized it was really me that was the problem. I have always been attracted to the wrong type of man. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth! I am very confident now about finding the right type of man for myself."
- Nancy from Los Angeles
"A Big Difference in My Relationships with Men Now"
"I am a successful career woman. I get what I want when I want it. It works like a charm for my career. But it never worked with guys. I used to chase men and try to get them to commit. It never worked. After reading your book, I realized that men are wired to be the pursuer and don't respond well when a woman does the pursuing. I have already noticed a big difference in my relationships with men, two weeks after reading your book. I feel they are more drawn to me when I am not chasing them. I have never felt so sexy and desirable in my life. Many thanks!" - Melissa from New York
"Powerful Advice ... So Glad I Bought It"
"What an empowering book! I am so glad that I bought it. Not only do you show women how to attract the right man, you also teach women how to understand and manage their own emotions. That is such powerful advice! I now realize that after gaining control of my emotions, I have full control over my life and my happiness. I hope more women will read your book and realize the power behind your advice."
- K.H.
"Amazed by the Enormous Transformation"
"I have never read your book. But I want to thank you! I have been amazed by the enormous transformation my girlfriend went through after reading it. She has become more reasonable, calmer, and more understanding. Now, our time together is always fun and pleasant!"
- Bill from Denver, CO
"Being A Nice Girl Doesn't Work"
"You have shown me why being a nice girl doesn't work! Thanks :)"
- Tiffany, Vancouver
"The Concepts are Refreshing and Enlightening"
"A month after reading your ebook, I started to see how powerful it really is. The concept for a woman to develop her emotional intelligence is so refreshing and enlightening. I can see now that taking control of my inner self has a tremendous effect on how people perceive me on the outside. I have met quite a few "catches" after reading your book who said there was something intriguing about me, but they couldn't really put their fingers on it. You have no idea how flattered I was! Thank you!"
- Jessica, Chicago, IL
"Learned More From Your Book Than My Thirty-Four Years of Dating"
"I have learned more about men from a few weeks of reading your book than from my thirty-four years of dating men. Everything seems so much clearer now!"
- Vanessa, from New Zealand
"My Boyfriend is Crazy About Me Now"
"Thank you so much for everything! My boyfriend said I was the sexiest woman he knew, something he had never said before. I think the secrets from legendary seductresses you talked about really worked. He is crazy about me now!"
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"Your Book is the Best"
"I bought almost every dating advice book there is. I was that desperate! I must say that your book is the best. Your approach on managing one's own emotions, understanding men, and assessing a man's potential truly works. My days of reading advice books alone on Friday nights are over. Thank you!"
- Amanda, Philadelphia
"Right to the Point"
"The book was right to the point and explained things clearly, with examples."
- R.P., Romania
"The Advice is Fantastic"
"I just started a new relationship and since I have a history of scaring the crap out of most men, I thought it was worth some extra help. I love the honesty in your book. The advice is fantastic!"
- Kali, Antioch, CA