Unmask The Male Mind by Alexandra Fox

In this eBook, you’ll learn the most effective ways to get inside his mind and truly understand him.

Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 208 pages
: 2014 (2nd Edition)
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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You're about to learn the most effective ways to understand a man, get THROUGH to him, and influence his decisions...

Some signs that he loves you (or is falling in love with you) are obvious, but others are much more subtle.

Dear Reader, 

Are you having problems with your man?

Do you often go out of your way to accommodate him, but the relationship still seems to be going badly?

Would you want to finally figure out why he's acting the way he is?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then you're likely in the middle of a confusing, frustrating relationship with your man. The list of problems can seem endless:

* He says he loves you, but he keeps staring at other women.

* He tells you about his "ideal woman," so you go out of your way to BECOME that ideal woman, but he ends up going out with a totally different woman from what he described.

* He gives you a fantastic time when the relationship is only starting out, but as time goes by, he gets quieter, more pensive and less interested in seeing you.

* Whenever you feel like having some "quality time" with him, he tunes you out, preferring to watch the game on TV than listen to you.

* And, unfortunately, so much more...

It's easy (in fact, probably very TEMPTING) to just give up trying to figure men out, and simply come to the conclusion that "men don't make sense!"

And, yes, that's where things start to go downhill.

Here's a disturbing idea:Most of the problems in a relationship aren't caused by a man's bad behavior. In fact, to him, his behavior isn't even bad to begin with.

Instead, most of the problems in a relationship are actually caused by two fatal flaws: MISCOMMUNICATION and MISCONCEPTIONS. In other words,

You and your man DON'T CONNECT

And, as you'd expect, this leads to several problems, all with no clear solutions.

So kindly ask yourself: are you getting frustrated?

Does your mind tell you to just give up, but your heart keeps telling you to give him one more chance, simply because you've already "invested" too much in the relationship?

Would you like to know EXACTLY how to solve your "man problems," and keep them from ever bothering you again?

Would you like to get rid of all the miscommunication and misconceptions, while finally opening the doors to a happy, loving, lifetime-lasting relationship?

Unmask the Male Mind TODAY

My name is Alexandra Fox. You may know me as the author of "77 Secrets of Love" and "77 Secrets of Seduction," both bestselling dating and relationship eBook collections.

Over the years, my eBooks and articles have helped women all over the world:

* ...get their "unsure" men to totally do a 180-degree turn and fall MADLY in love with them

* ...attract men wherever they go. Not just ANY men, either, but the best, most mature, and most commitment-ready men out there

* ...make the most out of their relationships by SEDUCING their way into their man's heart

* ...learn how to make a man actually work HARDER to make the relationship work

* ...save a failing relationship, reversing a bad break-up and creating a bond with a man a bond that's stronger than ever before

* ...and, yes, much, much more!

But this time, it's a little different. I've decided to tackle a specific problem that a LOT of women have trouble with,sometimes daily

What REALLY Causes Your "Man Problems"

I used to have a lot of trouble understanding men in the past! I went through bad relationship after bad relationship with men who I simply couldn't figure out, no matter how hard I tried.

And yes, like you, I felt the temptation to dismiss men as just being too "complicated" to understand

Fortunately, I didn't! After I spent several years studying men and the way they think, I've realized that it's not their strange ways that are the problem...

...but the MISCONCEPTIONS we have about them, and the MISCOMMUNICATIONS that result from these misconceptions.

I'll give a VERY COMMON example. Many of us wonder: How can a man tell you that he "loves" you, but he still keeps staring at other women?

Yes, I know how INFURIATING that is!

If he REALLY loved you, why in the world would he look at other women?

That's exactly what I used to think. And it happened to me TONS of times. It led me to think of my boyfriends as two-timers, cheaters or basically no-good jerks who can't commit.

Not surprisingly, my boyfriends and I argued A LOT. And, perhaps even less surprisingly, I went through a lot of bad breakups that left me bitter and jaded.

It wasn't until a good guy friend of mine made a startling confession that I realized what I was doing wrong:

Guys simply can't HELP but stare at other women.

"It's like a radar we can't turn off," he explained. "I think it's something Mother Nature programmed us to do: to always take notice of other women, especially those who make themselves look like great 'wife-material.'"

Wow. I never thought of it as something they couldn't HELP doing. But why don't they try NOT to stare at other women, especially when we're around?

"But it doesn't really bother us," he continued. "We think it's harmless..."

Oh, here it comes, I thought. Another self-righteous explanation. Let's hear it.

"...because five minutes later, we've forgotten what the other woman looked like."


When my friend told me those words, all of a sudden my ex-boyfriends didn't feel like the hopeless, lecherous womanizers I dismissed them all to be.

And all of a sudden, I realized that it wasn't really my ex-boyfriends' staring at other women that CAUSED the problem, but my MISCONCEPTION about it.

I had reacted in ways that were completely unnecessary -- and I paid for it.

That day, I went home numb. I just realized that I had allowed my ignorance and closed-mindedness to ruin my past relationships.

The worst thing was that one of my ex-boyfriends, whom I broke up with because he kept glancing at other women, had actually already asked to marry me.

It was heartbreaking!

But that night, I resolved to learn everything about the male mind as I could.

I've collected everything I've learned about the male mind during the past several years of intense study, writing, and first-hand experiences with men into this eBook.

Are you prepared to Unmask the Male Mind?

Avoid the Nightmare: Understand Your Man NOW!

Here's a saying that best sums up why misconceptions and miscommunication poison and kill even the best relationships out there:

"We hate what we fear, and we fear what we don't understand."

Going backwards:If you don't understand it, you tend to fear it.

And when you fear it, you tend to hate it.

I hope you're getting the picture!

When you DON'T UNDERSTAND how a man's mind works, you'll tend to FEAR that process. And when you FEAR a man's mind, you'll tend to HATE it – and, as a direct consequence, you'll end up hating HIM, too!

And hate is ALWAYS bad for a relationship.

It's like a tiny poison that kills love,slowly, until what's left between a couple is a festering, rotting remnant of a relationship that could have otherwise been fantastic.

And guess what? That's PRECISELY what "Unmask the Male Mind" will keep from happening to you!

This powerful eBook collection will give you a deep, all-knowing insight into the male mind, and unlock dozens of men's secrets you've never heard of before.

But that's not all.

“Unmask the Male Mind” will also teach you how to SPOT these little quirks, assess the situation properly, and then take decisive action to actually MAKE HIS QUIRKS work for you!

In other words, you'll be taking the things about his personality that used to annoy and frustrate you, and then use them to make your relationship even STRONGER.
The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the
"Unmask The Male Mind" EBook

Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful eBook, including tips and advice that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:

  • What are 7 of a man's jobs that you should NEVER do? Taking over these 7 things will kill his attraction for you. (Chapter 1)
  • What must you do to make him chase or pursue you? (Secret 1)
  • Discover what's in a man's "nature," as well as how to say and do things that appeal to his natural instincts. That's the best way to get through to a man, by the way. (Secret 3)

  • What NOT to do when it comes to phone calls and texts? How much is calling too much? And what should you do to avoid being seen as "desperate"? (Secret 2)
  • How to get a guy to ask you out without you trying too hard? Understanding the psychology behind what makes a man ask out a woman is crucial, and will be revealed here. ... (Secret 3)
  • What do men really think of "paying for the date?" Doing this wrong will definitely hurt his male ego. (Secret 4)

  • How to make a man do more to impress you, instead of the other way around. (Secret 5)
  • What it takes to make him ask for you to be exclusive? Most women never understand how to make him commit without having to ask for it, themselves. (Secret 6)
  • The male psychology of sex: Should you sleep with him or not? How long should you wait to avoid ruining the chance of it developing into something more?  (Secret 7)
  • What are 7 of your jobs you must do to keep passion, desire and HIM forever? (Secret 8)
  • How to negotiate "smartly" and use powerful "bargaining tools" to get what you want from the relationship. Most women allow the man to dictate how the relationship should go and get hurt in the end. Let me show you another way, one that works better. (Secret 12)
  • Discover the male psychology about being bored and being intrigued. You'll learn how to make him see you as an exciting and intriguing woman who keeps surprising him. (Secret 13)
  • How to communicate with his MIND? (Chapter 3)
  • Why men and women have different "rules" and what you must do to get into his reality? That's the best way to get through to a man: using his rules and his reality to communicate with him. (Secret 15)
  • How do you avoid scaring men away? The psychology of what makes men want to withdraw from you and from the relationship will be discussed in this secret. (Secret 16)
  • How do you avoid scaring men away? The psychology of what makes men want to withdraw from you and from the relationship will be discussed in this secret. (Secret 16)
  • How best to communicate with his HEART.  (Chapter 4) )
  • Discover the male psychology that determines whether he sees you as a friend or as a lover. If you're currently in love with a friend, this is the must-read secret. It will show you how to transform into his "lover" and "girlfriend" fast. (Secret 22)

  • The male psychology behind fighting and arguments: Do you know what to do to stop arguments and fighting with a man? Once you now this secret, you'll know exactly what to do to stop arguing with him. (Secret 26)
  • Men and their freedom: How to keep a loose enough leash to make him love you for giving him freedom, without losing him to another woman. (Secret 28)

  • The psychology of ATTRACTION.  (Chapter 5)
  • What does it mean when he says "don't worry"? (Secret 30)
  • A man's Ideal Woman:Find out here the characteristics a man looks for in "The One." (Secret 32)
  • Three attraction killers you must avoid at all times! (Secret 33)
  • Three ways to INTENSIFY the attraction he feels towards you. (Secret 34)
  • How to move a relationship from the "lust" stage to the "love" stage. (Secret 38)

  • How to use LUST to intensify LOVE:This is an extremely powerful secret, one that only the master seductresses know! (Secret 40)

  • How to make a man see you as his Ideal Woman without having to change who you are. In this secret, you'll learn how love has a lot to do with perceptions. (Secret 45)
  • The psychology behind how he forms "physical bonds" and "emotional bonds" (Chapter 8)
  • How a man sees the "physical bond" and why is it important to understand how it differs from the emotional bond. (Secret 50)
  • The secret to forming an unbreakable "emotional bond." (Secret 51)

  • How to use the emotional bond to make him marry you. (Secret 52)

  • The male psychology of feeling attached and how to use this to make it hard for him to leave you. (Secret 54)
  • Discover the male psychology on the feeling of anticipation. (Chapter 9)

  • What makes a man lose interest, fast? (Secret 57)
  • The full story: Why it's so important to feel loved. (Secret #43
  • The full story: Why it's so important to feel loved. (Secret #43
  • Spice things up by doing this. ... (Secret 61)
  • How to end each date with a little suspense by doing a few little things? He'll be thinking about you all day long after taking these steps. ...(Secret 63)
  • How to invite in the "Right One" and have a happy, loving and fully satisfying relationship with the man of your dreams. (Chapter 11) 
  • And so much more.
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What's the value of having the power to direct where you want the relationship to go and influence how your man feels about you?

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In this eBook you will learn male psychology on a deep level. These secrets will transform you from an average girl into an unforgettable woman who every man sees as a "catch."

I'm so confident that my methods will work that I'll give you 30 days to put my system to the test. After reading every page, studying all the principles, strategies, tips, and putting them to the test, if you haven't realized how powerful my system is, or how life-changing it is, or you're not 100% satisfied, I'll refund every penny of your entire purchase. The only requirement is that you give it a try and see first hand how amazing it really is.
The Book that Will End it All
The majority of dating books on the shelf are either outdated or give you facts without teaching you how to apply them. What's the use of reading how men differ from us without learning how to use male psychology to your greatest advantage? The things I teach are simple, practical tools that any woman can use to IMMEDIATELY achieve MASSIVE success.

Once you've learned these secrets, men will do anything to please you and make you happy. Your wishes will be their commands! They won't be able to resist you, say NO to you, or ever look at another woman again. They'll want to spend every minute with you because they simply can't leave! You'll become a man magnet!

Don't Decide Now ...
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"Yes, Alexandra, I'm so ready to get my hands on these secrets to transform my love life and make any man adore me, chase me, love me, and commit to me!  

Signs He Loves You: In this eBook, you'll learn the most effective ways to get inside his mind and truly understand him.
Bonus Report 1: Warning Signs that He's Falling Out of Love - In this eBook, you'll learn how to keep an eye out for the warning signs that he's losing passion for you and what to do to stop him from falling out of love.
Bonus Report 2: Why He Lies and How to Detect Them - You'll learn why he lies and what to do to detect his lies. By having the skill of detecting lies, you'll be able to prevent the relationship from getting into serious trouble.

Bonus Report 3: 5 Strategies to Deepen His Love - In this eBook, you'll learn the most effective ways to deepen his love, so he will never want to leave you. This bonus alone is worth the price. 

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  • Inspire him to commit to your life
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"Your Ebook is truly empowering! It was the best investment I've ever made. It showed me a new way to look at the world and dating. After taking it, I have started to realize my increased confidence and ease with men. And the best part is that I've attracted the attention of a man that I would have never dreamed of dating before. Thank you so much!"
- Susan from Boston
"Absolutely Loved Your Book"
"I absolutely loved your book! I especially enjoyed the chapter on "Understanding Male Instincts." It showed me how to truly understand men. I have recommended your book to my girlfriends. I think they will definitely benefit from it just like I did."
- Lisa, Orlando, FL
"Opened My Eyes to the Truth"
"I am a single mother of two. The father of my children left us a few years ago. After that, I had very little luck finding a good man. After reading the chapter on the types of men who are not boyfriend material, I realized it was really me that was the problem. I have always been attracted to the wrong type of man. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the truth! I am very confident now about finding the right type of man for myself."
- Nancy from Los Angeles
"A Big Difference in My Relationships with Men Now"
"I am a successful career woman. I get what I want when I want it. It works like a charm for my career. But it never worked with guys. I used to chase men and try to get them to commit. It never worked. After reading your book, I realized that men are wired to be the pursuer and don't respond well when a woman does the pursuing. I have already noticed a big difference in my relationships with men, two weeks after reading your book. I feel they are more drawn to me when I am not chasing them. I have never felt so sexy and desirable in my life. Many thanks!" - Melissa from New York
"Powerful Advice ... So Glad I Bought It"
"What an empowering book! I am so glad that I bought it. Not only do you show women how to attract the right man, you also teach women how to understand and manage their own emotions. That is such powerful advice! I now realize that after gaining control of my emotions, I have full control over my life and my happiness. I hope more women will read your book and realize the power behind your advice."
- K.H.
"Amazed by the Enormous Transformation"
"I have never read your book. But I want to thank you! I have been amazed by the enormous transformation my girlfriend went through after reading it. She has become more reasonable, calmer, and more understanding. Now, our time together is always fun and pleasant!"
- Bill from Denver, CO
"Being A Nice Girl Doesn't Work"
"You have shown me why being a nice girl doesn't work! Thanks :)"
- Tiffany, Vancouver
"The Concepts are Refreshing and Enlightening"
"A month after reading your ebook, I started to see how powerful it really is. The concept for a woman to develop her emotional intelligence is so refreshing and enlightening. I can see now that taking control of my inner self has a tremendous effect on how people perceive me on the outside. I have met quite a few "catches" after reading your book who said there was something intriguing about me, but they couldn't really put their fingers on it. You have no idea how flattered I was! Thank you!"
- Jessica, Chicago, IL
"Learned More From Your Book Than My Thirty-Four Years of Dating"
"I have learned more about men from a few weeks of reading your book than from my thirty-four years of dating men. Everything seems so much clearer now!"
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"Your Book is the Best"
"I bought almost every dating advice book there is. I was that desperate! I must say that your book is the best. Your approach on managing one's own emotions, understanding men, and assessing a man's potential truly works. My days of reading advice books alone on Friday nights are over. Thank you!"
- Amanda, Philadelphia
"Right to the Point"
"The book was right to the point and explained things clearly, with examples."
- R.P., Romania
"The Advice is Fantastic"
"I just started a new relationship and since I have a history of scaring the crap out of most men, I thought it was worth some extra help. I love the honesty in your book. The advice is fantastic!"
- Kali, Antioch, CA