Crucial Stages of love by Alexandra Fox
This eBook will teach you about the 4 Crucial Stages in a romantic relationship, and how to lovingly grow the relationship from one Stage to the next.
Written by
: Alexandra Fox
: 276 pages
: 2014 (2nd Edition)
: Unforgettable Woman Publishing
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There are many moments in love when you realize you will either go forward from there, or it will die. Learn how to recognize each crucial stage from the first butterflies to happily ever after.
You're about to learn the biggest secrets 96% of women never learn in their lifetime to instantly attract a man, inspire his love, and make him love you for the rest of your life.
Dear Ladies,

I am sure each and every one reading this has had her heart broken… We all have memories of moments such as these:

  • You meet a guy, he is SO right for you it makes your head spin. And for once he seems to be just as into you as you are into him. You take the brave step of letting your heart fall. For a moment, you two connect on a heavenly level. And the next moment he goes cold, quiet, or you don’t hear from him for a week. Or ever again.
  • The two of you have just had the talk about an exclusive relationship. Then, to your delight, he invites you to a barbeque with his family and friends, your heart soars. The day of the barbeque comes, you have a great time, and a week later he breaks up with you.
  • You two are an item, have been exclusive for a while and you know by his words and actions that he loves you. The next step has to be a proposal, you can feel it. But it just doesn’t come…
Love doesn’t like to stand still; it is always moving. It is either moving forward or backward, and when it starts moving in directions that will lead to its death, you need to know what to do.

The problem is this: A woman’s idea of how quickly this needs to happen is vastly different from a man’s.

Do you know how to handle each crucial stage? Or do you have your own painful memories of finding yourself in a do-or-die moment which you handled wrong. And all you have left is a broken heart…

Perhaps you are finding yourself in such a moment right now.

The biggest mistake women make in the middle of an important moment is that they recognize the weight of the moment, and then they panic, leading them to make a mistake and lose the love of their life.

She either blurts out that she loves him (before he has), or she gets so frustrated when things are not moving along at the pace she had hoped for, that she ends up pushing him away instead of pulling him into her heart. This is a minefield filled with potential mistakes.

I really don’t want this to happen to you. So instead of scrambling to find haphazard advice, I want you to put yourself in a position to not only recognize when this happens, but know exactly how to handle it.

Unfortunately (and you probably know this already…) there is a lot of dating advice online that promises miracles, but if you’ve tried it, and saw your man walk away, you know how heartbroken you were when these so-called miracles just didn’t work.

And there is a really good reason for it…

After years of being a dating and relationships coach, I've simply realized that these “all-encompassing” pieces of dating advice simply didn't apply to the dating game today. Much of it will maybe help you get his attention, but once you start dating, the wheels come off.

Why? Because each relationship goes through what I call “Crucial Stages.” Let me explain it to you...
The Crucial Stages In Love
Here's the shocking truth: “All you need is love” is a lie. It's NOT all you need to make a happy relationship!

As your relationship grows, you need to evolve with it, and in each stage, you need a different strategy to make sure your love and relationship grows naturally into the next stage.

Here is a secret: You can’t TALK a man into the next stage. You can’t CONVICE a man to move onto the next stage. And if your relationship is stalled, when you don’t know how to move it forward, you are likely going to push him away unless you know how to make this movement feel natural and like it was his idea.

There are basically 4 major stages in a relationship:

1.) Casual Dating,

2.) Exclusive Dating,

3.) A Serious (Committed) Relationship, and

4.) Marriage.

So congratulations, he asked you out for a first date and it went well. He even called you the next day like he said he would. You go out a few times and see each other for a few weeks or months.

Everything is going wonderfully during this stage for you, but you find yourself getting more and more emotionally attached to him. He, however, seems very happy with the status quo, while you are dying for him to call you his girlfriend and move to an exclusive relationship.

Yikes…I (and probably every other woman on earth) know exactly how hard it is when you realize you’ve met your Mr. Right and things just don’t seem to be moving forward.

And right here is where most women make the big mistake that kills it right there… They tell their guy: We need to talk…


If I had a penny for every email I have received along the lines of “Hi Alex, please help. I met this great guy, things were going wonderfully. I was 100% sure he was falling in love with me, so I tried to talk to him about it. And then he just disappeared.”

The End.

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in excellent company. Most women are very familiar with this painful reality.

What gets confusing is that in an evolving relationship, the rules keep on changing. While it might be fine to let a man know you need to talk when you are in a committed relationship, in casual dating this could be lethal.

And the thing is, most dating books and advice you’ll find today tells you what to do in “love” or in a “relationship” without letting you know what to do in each specific stage.

Let me ask you something. Let’s say you’ve been dating a guy for a while, you’re still casual, but you are wondering if he is still seeing other women. If you ask, you run the risk of getting (a) your feelings hurt (b) putting him on the defensive, (c) scaring him away if you ask this, because now he feels pressured and his “freedom” feels threatened.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The trick is to move the relationship forward by getting HIM to move it forward.

But how?

Glad you asked ;)

Crucial Stages in Love will guide you through this tricky journey like an expert. will guide you through this tricky journey like an expert.

Or perhaps you are here today because you guys are already an item, but you want him to see you as a more important person in his life and perhaps consider marriage. That is, after all, a logical next step. But how do you do it?

I think probably the biggest secret in all these stages is that you have to be the woman, and you MUST allow him to be the man.

But if it has been months and months (or for some women YEARS) and the relationship is just not moving to the next level, you are probably getting frustrated and wondering what you are doing wrong.

Let’s stop that today.

But let me warn you, when you start following the advice in this eBook, he is going to NOTICE and he will look at you in a brand new light. Some women using my secrets have told me that it was like he fell in love with her all over again.

What a wonderful “problem” to have, right? ;)

With the tips and techniques I wrote in this e-book collection, you'll finally learn the rules, clear the confusion, and open the doors to long-lasting happiness with the man in your life... for the REST of your life!

20 Chapters, 77 Secrets, all about the most important rules to follow in each Crucial Stage in your relationship.

Now you won't have to wonder “What's next?” in your relationship -- everything you need to move your relationship from casual dating, to exclusive dating, to a serious commitment, and ultimately to marriage, is in this powerful eBook collection!
The Amazing Things You'll Learn in the "Crucial Stages In Love" EBook
Let me show you the things you will learn in this powerful eBook that will help you achieve your dating goals and transform your love life forever:
  • How long should you wait for a commitment? (Chapter 10)
  • 3 significant changes to make when in a serious relationship, which if you don’t could end it right there. (Secret #39)
  • How to know if you're dating in a way that would make him see the future with you. (Secret #30)
  • If you are getting really impatient, how to make him move faster. (Secret #37)
  • Sometimes you realize he’s not right for you, but you don’t want to hurt him. How to let a guy down easy. (Secret #14)
  • You got him all the way to exclusivity or commitment, but you’ve hit a serious bump in the road. How to deal with infidelity. (Secret #51)
  • What if you start worrying about losing him? (Secret #36)
  • A relationship is not just moonshine and roses. What's the right way to deal with anger? (Secret #49)
  • We’ve all heard stories about women left at the altar. She thought he asked her to marry him and they would live happily ever after. What you MUST know about the changes after he proposes. (Secret #56)
  • Should you take the lead in an exclusive relationship? (Secret #23)
  • What comes after an exclusive relationship? (Secret #38)
  • The 4 ways most brides-to-be go wrong. (Chapter 17)
  • What to do when the relationship fails to grow without pushing him away. (Secret #31)
  • Why it's important to keep your goals in mind. (Secret #48)
  • Your checklist for being a good wife and why you have to keep this in mind from the very first date. (Chapter 18)
  • Is there ever a good time to compromise? (Secret #33)
  • Why you MUST have a dating deadline. (Secret #35)
  • The most common mistakes in exclusive dating. (Chapter 7)
  • You’re both busy, but you miss him. How often should you date once you're serious? (Secret #41)
  • Why you need to take your wedding vows seriously. (Secret #72)
  • Who should wear the pants in a serious relationship? (Secret #44)
  • What a man really needs from a girlfriend. (Secret #46)
  • How to organize your priorities once you're married. (Secret #73)
  • Is there anything wrong with nudging a guy along? Please make sure you read this! (Secret #25)
  • What's the difference between exclusivity and commitment? (Chapter 6)
  • Is it OK to be jealous of his female friends? (Secret #50)
  • How to manage “relationship poisons.” (Secret #52)
  • How to get him to propose. (Chapter 15)
  • Should you have a wedding deadline? (Secret #55)
  • What shouldn't change when you tie the knot? I believe the divorce rate would me MUCH lower if women just knew this (Secret #59)
  • Why you should always keep your standards high. (Secret #26)
  • What happens if you lose the spark during a marriage and how to overcome this (Secret #71)
  • How to keep a positive attitude throughout the dating game. (Bonus Report #1)
  • The “blueprint” of a good relationship. (Bonus Report #2)
  • How to raise a good family in a bad world. (Bonus Report #3)
  • And much, much more!
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Crucial Stages In Love: This eBook will teach you about the 4 Crucial Stages in a romantic relationship, and how to lovingly grow the relationship from one Stage to the next.
Bonus Report 1: How To Keep A Positive Attitude In Dating. How to make sure your love life will keep improving with time, no matter what happens!
Bonus Report 2: The Blueprint Of A Good Relationship. An extremely helpful overview that will help you see if your relationship is a good one or not!
Bonus Report 3: Raising Good Kids In A Bad World. You can never be too prepared for your future! Here's how to make sure you'll raise a great family, no matter how bad times may be.
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